the camera case is 12.5 cm long
Ventral view: the camera case is 12.5 cm long
dorsal (back) view

On March 14 2015, Mary Power and Phil Georgakakos found a new crayfish in the South Fork Eel River, just north of the Angelo Coast Range Reserve on the eastern edge of the first pool below confluence of the South Fork Eel with Ten Mile Creek (~ long/lat). Phil tentatively identified this as the non-native (invasive) red swamp crayfish, Procambarus clarkii ( Crayfish experts quickly weighed in, thanks to communications from Sarah Kupferberg, supporting Phil’s identification. We found just the head and claws of this specimen—One expert expressed the hope that this had been eaten and tossed into the river. Although a human picnic seems unlikely, given the remote site, we can only hope~! We would be interested to hear if others see this strange, intensely red, rather delicate-looking crayfish—no “signal” white spots on its large claws.

A new crayfish invading the Eel?