Eel River Critical Zone Observatory Talks and Posters

American Geophysical Union 2020 Fall Meeting

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Bode, C., Smith, J.S. IN027-06 – Dendra 2.0: a real-time cloud-based time-series curation system Talk Link

Rempe, D.M., Dralle, D., Hahm, W.J., Dawson, T.E., Dietrich, W.E., Thompson, S.E., Bryk, A.B., Sanders, M. B074-01 – How limited belowground water storage can shield forests from drought (Invited) Talk Link

Crutchfield-Peters, K., Tune, A.K., Rempe, D.M., Dawson, T.E. H056-0026 – Nitrogen cycling beneath the soil: bioavailable nitrogen dynamics in a bedrock rhizosphere Poster Link

Tune, A.K., Druhan, J.L., Lawrence, C.R., Liu, Y., Bennett, P.C., Rempe, D.M. EP009-01 – Respiration in a shale rhizosphere dominated by deep root respiration, not oxidation of petrogenic organic carbon Talk Link

Bilir, E. Fung, I.Y., Dawson, T.E. H068-03 – Transpiration in Pacific madrone along a microclimatic gradient shows variable relationship with above ground climate Talk Link

Hudson-Rasmussen, B., Pedrazas, M.A., Hahm, W.J., Bryk, A.B., Fauria, K.E., Nelson, M.D., Dralle, D., Dietrich, W.E., Rempe, D.M., Huang, M.-H. NS014-0004 – Spatial Variation in Bedrock Weathering Under a sequence of ridges and valleys in the Great Valley Sequence of Northern California revealed through geophysics and deep drilling Poster Link