American Geophysical Union 2022 Fall Meeting

Lapides, DA, Hahm, WJ, Forrest, M, Rempe, DM, Hickler, T, Dralle, D. H26D-06 Beyond soil: Incorporating plant-available water storage in bedrock into dynamic global vegetation models improves representation of vegetation structure and function Link to Abstract

McCormick, EL, Rempe, DM, Hahm, WJ, Persad, G, Cummins, C, Lapides, DA, Chadwick, KD, Dralle, D. B42B-03 – Resilience of California’s Woody Ecosystems to Precipitation Variability Link to Abstract

Dralle, D, Lapides, DA, Rempe, DM, Hahm, H. 33E-08 – Harnessing hyperspectral imagery to map surface water presence and subsurface flow capacity in headwater stream networks Link to Abstract

Hahm, H, Lapides, DA, Rempe, DM, McCormick, EL, Dralle, D. H46E-06 – The Age of Evapotranspiration: Continental-scale Lower-bound Constraints from Distributed Water Fluxes Link to Abstract

King, E, Hahm, WJ, Dralle, D, Jamison, HT, Dawson, TE, Druhan, JL, Rempe, DM, Dietrich, WE, Lee, M, Crutchfield-Peters, KL, Golla, JK, Lapides, DA. Board 0893: The Evolution of Water Stable Isotopes Through the Critical Zone: Direct Observations from a Vadose-Zone Monitoring System at the Eel River Critical Zone Observatory Link to Abstract

Whiting, JA, Lapides, DA, Hahm, WJ, Dietrich, WE, Rempe, DM, Dralle, D. Board 1249: Storage from Streamside to Divide: How Do Subsurface Structure and Transpiration Jointly Impact Storage Dynamics Along Hillslopes? Link to Abstract

Higa, J, Formetta, G, Bellugi, DG, Dietrich, WE, Ebel, BA, Busti, R, Moon, S. Board 0474: Critical Zone Controls on Shallow Landslides: Insights from Numerical Simulations in a Steep, Forested Landscape Link to Abstract

Crutchfield-Peters, KL, Tune, AK, Rempe, DM, Dawson, TE. Source and cycling of nitrogen in a deeply weathered bedrock rhizosphere (submitted)


American Geophysical Union 2021 Fall Meeting

Golla, J.K., Kuessner, M., Bouchez, J., Rempe, D.M., Druhan, J.L. H12A-09- Stable lithium isotope signatures of a large storm in an upland stream typified by chemostatic solute signatures Link to Abstract

Dralle, D., Harman, C.J., Deal, E., Karst, N., Rempe, D.M., Hahm, W.J. H31H-01- Between-catchment variations in recession curves explained by geological diversity Link to Abstract

Hudson-Rasmussen, B., Huang, M-H., Rempe, D.M., Hahm, W.J., Dralle, D. NS35D-0392- Constraining controls on heterogeneous weathering processes across a sedimentary ridge-valley system using near-surface geophysics Link to Abstract

Schmidt, L. and Rempe, D.M. NS35D-0385- Using time-lapse borehole NMR relaxation measurements to investigate the relationship between bedrock weathering and plant-available water storage (Invited) Link to Abstract

McCormick, E.L., Dralle, D., Hahm, W.J., Chadwick, K.D., Tune, A.K., Schmidt, L., Rempe, D.M. EP43B-08- Weathered Bedrock Commonly Supplies Water to Woody Plants (Invited) Link to Abstract

Whiting, J.A., Lapides, D.A., Hahm, W.J., Sanders, M.A., Schmidt, L., Dietrich, W.E., Rempe, D.M., Dralle, D. H42D-01- How Does Water Storage in Unsaturated Weathered Bedrock Control Groundwater Recharge? Insights from Direct Observations Throughout the Weathered Bedrock Vadose Zone in California’s Northern Coast Ranges and Southern Sierra Nevada Link to Abstract

Tune, A.K., Druhan, J.L., Golla, J.K., Rempe, D.M. EP45G-1577 – The impact of extreme drought on carbon cycling and bedrock weathering: In-situ observations from a seasonally dry montane forest Link to Abstract

Bilir, T.E., Fung, I.Y., Koven, C. B55F-1260: Controls on Heterogeneity of Forest Dynamics in Northern California: An Exploration Using CLM-FATES Link to Abstract

Hahm, W.J., Dralle, D., Sanders, M.A., Bryk, A.B., Fauria, K.E., Huang, M-H., Hudson-Rasmussen, B., Nelson, M.D., Pedrazas, M.A., Schmidt, L., Whiting, J.A., Dietrich, W.E., Rempe, D.M. H55O-0897- Bedrock water storage dynamics under extreme drought: consequences for plant water availability, recharge, and runoff Link to Abstract

Sanders, M.A., Jamison, H.T., Rempe, D.M., Hahm, W.J., Dietrich, W.E. H55Y-1025- What is the Stable Isotope Moisture Record Generated in Soils and Shallow Saprolite Across a Seasonal Wet-up and Dry-down Cycle in a Mediterranean Climate? Link to Abstract

Marshall, J.A., Clyne, J., Eppes, M.C., Dawson, T.E. EP55G-1186- Barking up the wrong tree? Tree root tapping, subcritical cracking, and potential influence on bedrock porosity Link to Abstract


American Geophysical Union 2020 Fall Meeting

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Bode, C., Smith, J.S. IN027-06 – Dendra 2.0: a real-time cloud-based time-series curation system Talk Link

Rempe, D.M., Dralle, D., Hahm, W.J., Dawson, T.E., Dietrich, W.E., Thompson, S.E., Bryk, A.B., Sanders, M. B074-01 – How limited belowground water storage can shield forests from drought (Invited) Talk Link

Crutchfield-Peters, K., Tune, A.K., Rempe, D.M., Dawson, T.E. H056-0026 – Nitrogen cycling beneath the soil: bioavailable nitrogen dynamics in a bedrock rhizosphere Poster Link

Tune, A.K., Druhan, J.L., Lawrence, C.R., Liu, Y., Bennett, P.C., Rempe, D.M. EP009-01 – Respiration in a shale rhizosphere dominated by deep root respiration, not oxidation of petrogenic organic carbon Talk Link

Bilir, E. Fung, I.Y., Dawson, T.E. H068-03 – Transpiration in Pacific madrone along a microclimatic gradient shows variable relationship with above ground climate Talk Link

Hudson-Rasmussen, B., Pedrazas, M.A., Hahm, W.J., Bryk, A.B., Fauria, K.E., Nelson, M.D., Dralle, D., Dietrich, W.E., Rempe, D.M., Huang, M.-H. NS014-0004 – Spatial Variation in Bedrock Weathering Under a sequence of ridges and valleys in the Great Valley Sequence of Northern California revealed through geophysics and deep drilling Poster Link