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The following maps cover all or part of the reserve and nearby areas (direct download available when maps are in the public domain)


Scale Year  Map/Authors Link
1:62,500 1956 Geologic Map of the Laytonville Valley Area, Mendocino County, California, Showing Location of Wells, United States Department of the Interior, Geological Survey USGS – 1956 – Laytonville.pdf
1:100,000 1989 Reconnaissance geologic map of the Covelo 30- by 60-minute Quadrangle, Northern California (No. MF – 2001). United States Geological Survey. Jayko, A.S., Blake, M.C., McLaughlin, R.J., Ohlin, H.N., Ellen, S.D., Kelsey, H.M. Jayko et al – 1989 – Covelo.pdf
1:250,000 1960 Geologic map of California : Ukiah sheet. Jennings, C.W., Strand, R.G Jennings and Strand – 1960 – Ukiah.pdf
1:250,000 2012 Aeromagnetic and Aeromagnetic-based Geologic Maps of the Coastal Belt, Franciscan Complex, Northern California, V.E. Langenheim, R.C. Jachens, C.M. Wentworth, and R.J. McLaughlin  Langenheimet al – 2012 – sheet1.pdf
Langenheim et al – 2012 – sheet2.pdf
Langenheim et al – 2012 – sheet3.pdf
Langenheim et al – 2012 – pamphlet.pdf

(Figure 3)

1960 Geologic reconnaissance of the northern Coast Ranges and Klamath Mountains, California, with a summary of the mineral resources. Irwin, W.P. California Division of Mines Irwin 1960 Geologic Recon.pdf

(Figure 2)

2013 Previously unrecognized regional structure of the Coastal Belt of the Franciscan Complex, northern California, revealed by magnetic data. Geosphere 9, 1514–1529. Langenheim, V.E., Jachens, R.C., Wentworth, C.M., McLaughlin, R.J. doi:10.1130/GES00942.1  Copyrighted material


USGS Topography

Scale Year Map Contact us for PDFs
1:24,000 1967/1994 Cahto Peak (includes eastern portion of Elder Creek) CA_Cahto_Peak_288743_1967_24000_geo.pdf (12.3 Mb)
1:24,000 2012 Cahto Peak (vector contour and geographic features; raster orthoimagery) CA_Cahto_Peak_20120224_TM_geo.pdf (22.2 Mb)
1:24,000 2015 Cahto Peak (vector contour and geographic features; raster orthoimagery) CA_Cahto_Peak_20150303_TM_geo.pdf (21.6 Mb)
1:24,000 1966 Lincoln Ridge (includes western portion of Elder Creek) CA_Lincoln Ridge_292322_1966_24000_geo.pdf (17.3 Mb)
1:24,000 2012 Lincoln Ridge (vector contour and geographic features; raster orthoimagery) CA_Lincoln_Ridge_20120224_TM_geo.pdf (30.5 Mb)
1:24,000 2015 Lincoln Ridge (vector contour and geographic features; raster orthoimagery) CA_Lincoln_Ridge_20150303_TM_geo.pdf (21.3 Mb)
1:100,000 1981 Covelo CA_Covelo_299067_1981_100000_geo.pdf (37.0 Mb)
1:250,000 1960 Ukiah CA_Ukiah_302178_1960_250000_geo.pdf (22.9 Mb)