Gomde Buddhist Retreat Center
The South Fork Eel River near the Rangjung Gomde Buddhist Retreat Center. Photo source gomdeca.org

Evolving Strategies to Enhance Coho Salmon Habitat

Salmonid Restoration Federation (SRF) is coordinating the 24th Annual Coho Confab that will take place September 9–11, 2022 on the South Fork Eel River in Mendocino County. This year’s Coho Confab will be held at the Rangjung Gomde Buddhist Retreat Center, which is nestled in the forests where the spectacular Cedar Creek enters the South Fork Eel River. This is the ideal tranquil location to safely meet outdoors while we continue to be mindful and practice COVID protocols. This will largely be an outdoor event, and we are requiring proof of vaccination and booster shots / recent test results. Due to the uptick in COVID cases in Humboldt and Mendocino counties, we will strongly encourage all Confab registrants to get tested prior to the event.

The Coho Confab is a field symposium to learn about watershed restoration and techniques to restore and recover coho salmon populations. The Confab provides an opportunity to network with other fish-centric people and to participate in field tours that highlight innovative salmon restoration practices. This year, SRF is collaborating with several groups to produce this educational event, including Cal Trout, the Eel River Critical Observatory ZoneRedwood Forest FoundationPacific Watershed AssociatesNOAA FisheriesCDFWTrout Unlimited, and other restoration partners.

The Coho Confab will be held at the confluence of Cedar Creek and the South Fork Eel. Cal Trout is leading a fish passage barrier removal project on Cedar Creek that will open up nine miles of habitat.

24th Annual Coho Confab on the South Fork Eel River