Researchers working at the Angelo Coast Range Reserve have invested significant resources into building a communications infrastructure on site to support wireless transmission of sensor data from weather stations and other devices installed at the Reserve.


The Angelo Reserve sensor data is hosted on Dendra, formerly the Berkeley sensor database. Dendra was developed by Collin Bode and John Scott Smith with funding from the Eel River Critical Zone Observatory, the UCNRS Environmental IT group, and the California Heartbeat Freshwater Initiative.

Dendra is a cyberinfrastructure project for real-time sensor data storage, retrieval, management, and curation. It is a cloud-based, multi-organizational system, designed to support massive permanent monitoring efforts. Dendra can be used to access millions of measurements from sensors and weather stations at the Angelo and other UC Reserves. Data collected by research projects is password protected, but data from Reserve weather stations is publicly available. Click the links below to see the current weather conditions at Angelo.

Current conditions at Angelo Headquarters

Current conditions at Angelo South Meadow

Current conditions at Cahto Peak

Dendra was recently awarded an NSF EarthCube grant.

Dendra is hosted on The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE).


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