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Bouma-Gregson, Keith; Olm, Matthew R; Probst, Alexander J; Anantharaman, Karthik; Power, Mary E; Banfield, Jillian F

Impacts of microbial assemblage and environmental conditions on the distribution of anatoxin-a producing cyanobacteria within a river network Journal Article

The ISME Journal, 13 , pp. 1618–1634, 2019.

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Bouma-Gregson, Keith; Kudela, Raphael M; Power, Mary

Widespread anatoxin-a detection in benthic cyanobacterial mats throughout a river network Journal Article

PLoS One, 13 (5), 2018.

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Power, M; Lowe, R; Furey, P; Welter, J; Limm, M; Finlay, J; Bode, C; Chang, S; Goodrich, M; Sculley, J

Algal mats and insect emergence in rivers under Mediterranean climates: Towards photogrammetric surveillance Journal Article

Freshwater Biology, 54 (10), pp. 2101–2115, 2009.

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Finlay, Jacques C

Stable-carbon-isotope ratios of river biota: Implications for energy flow in lotic food webs Journal Article

Ecology, 82 (4), pp. 1052-1064, 2001, ISSN: 0012-9658.

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Kupferberg, Sarah J

Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) invasion of a California river: the role of larval competition Journal Article

Ecology, 78 (6), pp. 1736-1751, 1997, ISSN: 0012-9658.

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Parker, Michael S; Power, Mary E

Effect of stream flow regulation and absence of scouring floods on trophic transfer of biomass to fish in Northern California rivers Journal Article

Technical Completion Report, University of California Water Resources Center, UCAL-WRC-W-825 (825), 1997.

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Power, M E

Benthic turfs vs. floating mats of algae in river food webs Journal Article

Oikos, 58 (1), pp. 67-79, 1990.

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Power, Mary E; Stout, Jean R; Cushing, Colbert E; Harper, Peter P; Hauer, Richard F; Matthews, William J; Moyle, Peter B; Statzner, Bernhard; Badgen, Irene Wais De R

Biotic and abiotic controls in river and stream communities Journal Article

Journal of the North American Benthological Society, 7 (4), pp. 456-479, 1988.

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Hill, W R; Knight, A W

Experimental analysis of the grazing interaction between a mayfly and stream algae Journal Article

Ecology, 68 (6), pp. 1955-1965, 1987.

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Sweet, Sue

An Inventory of Freshwater Algae of the NCCRP Technical Report


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