Here’s a link to the movie (released in mid May 2017) on our Eyes on the Eel surveys.

Shot by Amy Miller and Josh Rosen, Spine Productions, the movie features Gabe Rossi, myself, and many of the stalwart students that do this survey at 8 river reaches along the S. Fk Eel and mainstem Eel.  The film was funded by Howard Hughes Medical Institute, which has realized that the Milieu Exterieur affects the Milieu Interieur.

It was a huge pleasure to work with Josh and Amy, who also have filmed canopy research by the Dawson Lab, and a movie on Hydrowatch featuring Inez Fung, Todd Dawson, and Bill Dietrich explaining their life cycle of water work in the intensively monitored Rivendell basin draining to Elder Creek.

Left to Right: Gabe Rossi, Keith Bouma-Gregson, Victoria Uva, Nick Lapaglia, Robbie Gould at the mainstem Eel River, Summer 2016
Mary Power and Gabe Rossi, and the stalwart student teams doing Eyes on the Eel surveys: The Movie.