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Fish of the Angelo Reserve Technical Report

2008, (actual publication date is unknown; using 2008 as the last modified date on the file.).

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Power, M E; Marks, J C; Parker, Michael S

Variation in the vulnerability of prey to different predators: Community-level consequences Journal Article

Ecology, 73 (6), pp. 2218-2223, 1992.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: anti-predator defenses, attached algae, chironomidae, Cladophora, fish, food webs, omnivory, predatory invertebrates, river communities, strong interactors, trophic cascades


Power, M E

Effects of fish in river food webs Journal Article

Science, 250 , pp. 411-415, 1990.

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Power, Mary E; Stout, Jean R; Cushing, Colbert E; Harper, Peter P; Hauer, Richard F; Matthews, William J; Moyle, Peter B; Statzner, Bernhard; Badgen, Irene Wais De R

Biotic and abiotic controls in river and stream communities Journal Article

Journal of the North American Benthological Society, 7 (4), pp. 456-479, 1988.

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Moyle, Peter

Common Fishes of the NCCRP Technical Report

UC Davis 1977.

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