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Persson, Lennart; Bengtsson, Jan; Menge, Bruce A; Power, Mary E

Productivity and the structure and regulation of communities Book Chapter

Polis, Gary A; Winemiller, Kirk O (Ed.): Food Webs: Integration of Patterns and D , Chapter 36, pp. 396-434, Chapman and Hall, N.Y., 1996, ISBN: 978-1-4615-7009-7.

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L. Persson J. Bengtsson, Menge B A; Power, M E

Productivity and Consumer Regulation--Concepts, Patterns, and Mechanisms Journal Article

Food Webs: Integration of Patterns and Dynamics, pp. 396-434, 1996.

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Power, Mary E; Sun, Adrian; Parker, Gary; Dietrich, William E; Wootton, Timothy J

Hydraulic food chain models Journal Article

BioScience, 45 (3), pp. 159-167, 1995, (See stable URL attached; file size exceeds maximum allowable for Angelo.).

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Wootton, J T; Power, M E

Productivity, consumers, and the structure of a river food chain Journal Article

PNAS, 90 (4), pp. 1384-1387, 1993.

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