Partnership of ERRP and Angelo ERCZO in monitoring cyanobacteria blooms

I wanted to draw attention to the commendation of the Humboldt Count Board of Supervisors commendation of the partnership of the Eel River Recovery Project and UC Berkeley’s Angelo Reserve (mainly the efforts of Keith Bouma Gregson) in drawing together residents and researchers to locate and watch toxic cyanobacteria, and investigate the environmental changes that may be supporting more frequent, expansive, or problematic blooms of these potentially toxic ‘bluegreen algae’.  Pat Higgins, Managing Director of ERRP, is quoted as saying “UC …kind of adopted us and said ‘We want to come and do algae studies on the Eel and use your volunteers’….”  but we Angelinos feel the other way around, very grateful for all that we are learning from the ERRP volunteers about the history and current environmental trends in the larger Eel River basin.  It isn’t that common that academic field biologists find such amazing partners and friends when trying to work on larger scale environmental problems–many, many thanks to ERRP for their partnership, energy, organization, field skills, and deep commitment to the future of the Eel.

Keith and rescue dog folks

Keith Bouma Gregson and Jan Friedrichsen from the California Rescue Dog Association, determining whether dogs would be safe working in this area of the Eel River. photo by Pat Higgins.

see Daniel Mintz, 2015.  County commends Eel River algae monitoring partnership.  The Independent (Southern Humboldt), Tuesday July 28, 2015, pp. 1-3.Hum_Supes_ERRP_UC_CZO_Resolution